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why ev Carports?

The stable design makes EV Carport remain stable even on strong winds. Our carports were made in the current European standards, and their strength was calculated for the 3rd wind zone and 4 snow zone.
Carports EV require a properly made foundation for proper assembly and functioning.

Our EV Carports are certified by the German TUV certification standard.

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EV Carports give the opportunity to install photovoltaic modules up to 10 kW. The construction has a tight, single roof.
Our innovative system provides for the installation of both glass panels and in aluminum frames.
Number of panels that can be installed:

up to 18 modules

For two-station models

up to 12 modules

For one-station models

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We pay attention to the quality of EV Carports at each stage of production, from the selection of the best quality materials, to finishing elements with two methods to choose from:

Powder coating
Anti -corrosive layer galvanized fire painting
Double impregnation of wooden poles with osmo varnish

Our designers have made the highest effort to design full functionality in combination with unique aesthetics. In this way they created EV Carports, which indisputably win with their appearance with competitive solutions.

This minimalism makes EV Carports fit up to 95% of office houses and buildings around the world, and available accessories allow for unique personalization of our carports.

with a view to the future

For us, the future is not indifferent. With her in mind, we have created a modern EV Carport with a system that allows you to install photovoltaic modules and an application that will notify you when the car is ready to drive.

PV mounting system

An innovative system enabling the installation of glass panels and in aluminum frames.

steel poles

Solidly made steel poles with a wall thickness of 1.5mm ensure stability even on strong winds.


EV Carports have a wide selection of additional equipment.

mobile app

The EV Carports application will notify you when your car is ready to drive. Thanks to the application, you also get a full range of carport capabilities.

The application is compatible with chargers

steel shutters

Steel blinds painted in the color of EV Carport. Moving and stationary option to choose from.

wooden shutters

Double -impregnated wooden blinds. Moving and stationary option to choose from.


wooden poles

System of wooden poles double impregnated with OSMO varnishes. Siberian and Polish larch to choose from.


Light poles

System of steel poles painted in carport color, with built -in intelligent LEDs. Possibility of color adjustment and light intensity using a dedicated motion detector application or a dedicated application.

Backlit roof

We offer basic lighting and in the Light Your Way system controlled by a dedicated mobile application.

How much does your parking lot earn?

This is a question worth asking if we want to increase profits and at the same time introduce an ecological solution in our area.
Thanks to EV Carport, your parking lot can also become an element of services, which will allow you to make additional profit, and to stand out from the competition.